International Language Academy

Learn Japanese for a fulfilling future!
For those of you who think “For my future, there are things that I want to learn in Japan!”, Japan International Language Academy is here to give you the best support. 
Why Japan International Language Academy?

1. A solid grasp of the Japanese language

?We offer supplementary lessons customized for your characteristics and progress
?In addition to class time, we also offer preparation courses for EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and courses on business conversation and business practices to help you find a job in Japan.

2. Individualized career guidance

?We offer career guidance 
?We offer tours of Japanese companies and universities, tours of vocational schools, and opportunity to communicate with students 
?Host matching event with companies that hire foreigner

Tokyo Institute for Japanese Language

  • Contribute to the international community by helping students to become valuable members of society
  • Support students so that they may carve a bright future
  • Maintain a workplace where faculty members can enjoy a fulfilling and cooperative environment

Kyoto International Academy

Welcome to Kyoto International Academy of Japanese language website!  Take classes here at KIA and learn about Japan while you are young and energetic!  Many instructors have overseas studying and/or working experience and are eagerly waiting for you!  All staff of KIA will enthusiastically assist you so that you can achieve your goal and make a significant accomplishment here in Kyoto,Japan!  Be ambitious with us! 

Kyorin International Language Academy

Kyorin International Laungage Academy is now seeking applications for our initial year classes which will be opened in October 2015.
Kyorin I. L. A. is a unique, new type of Japanese school which a team of licensed Japanese teachers established, and controls both management and education programs so that it can provide the education optimized to students' needs. Kyorin aims to provide Japanese lessons optimized to students respective goals, and nurture the friendship with students beyond the national borders as their life time mates.

FJLS Fukuoka Japanese Language School

Japan is also indicating the overwhelming presence among the advanced countries. It's growth is not just a result of riding on a wave of economic development, it has been accomplished simply because there was education in the foundation. In recent years, the number of students who wish to study in Japan from all over the world is increasing. Students not only learn language, but acquire knowledge, insight, hypnopompic to obtain a "power to live strong" which cannot be replaced with money. We will help each of you to be able to fulfill your hopes and dreams.