By the end of 2017, we aim to increase our presence across the kathmandu education consultancy industry, by
increasing our affical partnership with more universities and colleges across Europe, Australia, Asia and America.

Building Partnerships:
We Currently have sucessful partnership with saxion university and witten brog university of the Netherlands, and many more across japanese institutions.
We are currently administerning students seeking admission to federation university, BIT as a secong party whilst, we await our application to be approved for full partnership status.

Demographic & Customer Base:
We have also identified that the younger generation of today source much of their information throught online sources; notably, social media. to this end, we are increasing our online presence across various platform to ensure that we capture the young demographic who make up much of our customer base, we are currently achieving this by restructing our offical website, along with appropriate socila media accounts.

Active Promotion:
Also , aligned with our increased presence online, is the active promotion of profiles of academic
 institutions that we are currently in partnership with.
 We aim to achieve this by using promotional material offered by them: importantly, within the strict guidelines stipulated  by each institution.

Teamwork & Commitment:

Our Staff are a deicated team committed to ensuring that every client that applies throught our agency is satisfied
with our timely and professional delivery of service.
we acknowledge that each student who walks through our door is unique with different expections and 
we are committed to ensuring that service delivery is tailored to suit individual needs of every client.

Our Staff approach every case with the utmost scruntiny, to ensure that the decisions made by students are based on their qualification,
current Information, but most importantly, we ensure that their goals are realistic and achievable. we understand the variation of qualification across academic instuitions around the globe, and we offer appropriate guidance and advice to students accordingly to assist them throughtout their decision-making process.

Valley Internation is a part of a dynamic education consultancy industry in kathmandu, with projections of steady growth in the future. We stride with the utmost professionalism to set ourselves apart, our competitive edge is maintained through research and constant monitoring of changes across fundamental instuitions that play a key role throughout our administration processes. our staff continue to ensure that the agency mission and objectives remains aligned with policies, protocils and procedures of domestic and foreign goverments and the respective academic instuitions that we are in partnership with.